I play by the rules.. Do they?

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Story Time: As some of you know.. I train myself like I train my clients. It is kind of “Showy”, and the Trainers at 24 would remove equipment near me that I was using and move it to another location of the gym. Other trainers would take over a piece of equipment that I was using that had my towel placed on it as a “Reserve”

I’ve asked the General Manager to please have the trainers leave me alone while I work out during my lunch breaks.

Recently I have been posting Videos of Extreme Exercises on 24 hour Fitness, Irvine Spectrums wall and they kept them up for a few days.

Today they asked me if I could stop filming at their location because its “Against Company Policy”. I agreed and continued my work out as I usually do.

I went to my gym and filmed a exercise some of you saw today. Posted it on their wall to inspire others.

I never mentioned that I was a Fitness Professional but only wanted to have people to have fun while working out and change up their routines.

I just went to see if my videos were still up, and I can no longer post on their wall and all my inspiring videos have been deleted.

I am not playing the “poor me card”, because all my videos were “Show boating” but what else can I do when I have equipment being removed from where I am working out on a daily basis.

Next step? Bring my own equipment! Sleds, Equalizers, Sandbags, kettle bells, bosu balls and more.

Is this against their policy?