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Recent Tranformations

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Tranforming Back

Tranforming Fitness2

Tranformation Fitness

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Are you a Spartan?

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2 Years in a row I did the Tough mudder with my good friend Ashley and a client of mine, Mack.This year I did a small Run Or Dye Event with my girlfriend and good buddy Dillon. Next year brings on another challenge, Spartan Race. The race is held in Temecula and is on January 25 2014. Are you a Spartan?
Who wants to do this!?!?

Brandyn Duff Tough Mudder

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We did the Run or Dye 5k in Irvine!

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Run or Dye Event 5k run with color! It was a great event!
It was great to do a short 5k Run with friends and in COLOR!
If you haven’t done it already give it a shot, you won’t regret it.

Brandyn Duff with XIOS

Brandyn Duff at Color Run

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I play by the rules.. Do they?

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Story Time: As some of you know.. I train myself like I train my clients. It is kind of “Showy”, and the Trainers at 24 would remove equipment near me that I was using and move it to another location of the gym. Other trainers would take over a piece of equipment that I was using that had my towel placed on it as a “Reserve”

I’ve asked the General Manager to please have the trainers leave me alone while I work out during my lunch breaks.

Recently I have been posting Videos of Extreme Exercises on 24 hour Fitness, Irvine Spectrums wall and they kept them up for a few days.

Today they asked me if I could stop filming at their location because its “Against Company Policy”. I agreed and continued my work out as I usually do.

I went to my gym and filmed a exercise some of you saw today. Posted it on their wall to inspire others.

I never mentioned that I was a Fitness Professional but only wanted to have people to have fun while working out and change up their routines.

I just went to see if my videos were still up, and I can no longer post on their wall and all my inspiring videos have been deleted.

I am not playing the “poor me card”, because all my videos were “Show boating” but what else can I do when I have equipment being removed from where I am working out on a daily basis.

Next step? Bring my own equipment! Sleds, Equalizers, Sandbags, kettle bells, bosu balls and more.

Is this against their policy?

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Irvine trainer Tough Mudder

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I have done many events like the Tough Mudder with my clients. A local newspaper decided to contact me in order to conduct an interview regarding my experience with Tough Mudder events.

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